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I have been a Midwife for over 13 years, having birthed more than 200 healthy babies and cared for thousands of women in labour. In my more recent years of midwifery, I have seen a lot more mothers choosing to use HypnoBirthing® techniques during their childbirth.

I’m not going to lie, at first I thought it was all a load of ‘airy fairy’ rubbish, but I soon started to realise that these women were ACTUALLY having better births! They were more calm, able to cope better and in some cases barely experiencing any pain at all. I also noticed a marked difference in the way these women were able to connect and bond with their newborn babies after giving birth, since they were in a more peaceful, alert state of being. They were more empowered than exhausted!

Over the years I have noticed a greater fear around childbirth. We see and hear negative birth stories and it has led to Women becoming disempowered and losing faith in their bodies to nurture and birth their babies. We need to take back ownership of birth, become informed and take responsibility for our bodies, babies and birth and return birth to its normal, natural state. Through HypnoBirthing® I believe that we can achieve this goal.

In 2016 I decided I had to learn more about this HypnoBirthing® stuff, so I completed a course through HypnoBirthing® International using The Mongan Method. This method was created by Marie Mongan, a Hypnotherapist & Hypnoanesthesiologist who combines her knowledge & experience from both fields into her unique HypnoBirthing® course. Having completed this course and learnt the incredible and proven techniques that can help to make childbirth the wonderful experience that it should be has left me with a newfound excitement to share it with YOU!

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