What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a technique that prepares expectant parents in the best way possible for a relaxed, joyous birthing experience. It uses a combination of visualisation and hypnosis methods that enable you to calm your mind so that your body can focus on doing what it was designed to do.

Is HypnoBirthing a course just for me?

HypnoBirthing is for both you AND your birthing partner, because they are going to be there with you throughout your pregnancy and during your birth so it is important they know what to do to support you along the way. Your birthing partner may be your partner, your Mum, your best friend or doula… whoever will be your biggest support and will be there for your childbirth.

Does HypnoBirthing really work?

In my many years of experience as a midwife, I can tell you that I have witnessed first hand that women who have done HypnoBirthing courses are able to have more natural and more calm birthing experiences. So YES, I very much know that it works!

When should I start a HypnoBirthing course?

I recommend starting your course between your 20th & 26th week of pregnancy. This gives you enough time to complete the course while still ensuring that your newly learnt techniques will be fresh in your mind for the big moment.

Will I still need drugs or an epidural?

HypnoBirthing is designed to help take you into a state of deep relaxation so that your body can work at it’s best capacity to push your baby out. Many women find that while in this state, the pain is minimal and they feel no need for the assistance of drugs. Some women describe the feeling as pressure rather than pain.

Will my doctor know about HypnoBirthing?

Most doctors and midwives are now familiar with HypnoBirthing and its amazing benefits. It is a good idea to keep your doctor/midwife up to date about what you are learning in your HypnoBirthing classes so that they know what you will be trying to achieve when the big day comes and can help facilitate your needs during the birth.