Being in Sandie‘s care while I was pregnant was so calming.

Sandie is very caring and an excellent listener, I always felt at ease with her and she was always able to reassure my worried mind! Being pregnant for the first time can be quite scary and overwhelming, but Sandie was always able to help sooth away fears with her knowledge and kind heart. Sandie is a lovely lady and I was so lucky to have her as my midwife

Elizabeth Donovan

“Sandie made me feel at ease and brought me comfort if I was feeling unsure.

Pregnant with my first child I felt worried and excited. I was introduced to Sandie who would be my midwife through out my pregnancy. After my first appointment with Sandie I felt the most excited I had felt yet. I was so pleased to have such a lovely and caring person to look after me and my baby.

Sandie made sure it was always her who I would see for my appointments being the kind and understanding person she was. I really looked forward to each appointment to get the reassurance I knew I would receive from Sandie. She was always on the end of the phone in between her appointments if I needed the support and advise.

I went through the loss of my father whilst pregnant and Sandie was always there to support me. She is a warm, gentle and calm soul, just the kind of person I needed to be around. When my baby girl was born I couldn’t wait for her to meet the person that had helped me through my pregnancy. Sandie‘s support continued as I struggled to breastfeed as well as struggling with all the mixed emotions going on.

My husband and I both really appreciate all the love and care towards me and our baby girl. Sandie will always play a big part in our life’s. We can not not thank her enough.”

Rachel Wilson

“Sandie greeted me with a huge smile

which settled me and from then on we hit it off. Sandie‘s friendly approach made it comfortable to talk to her about any problems in my pregnancy. After many visits to Sandie she was very knowledgeable with any queries and put my mind at ease if I had any concerns.”

Jill Busson

“HypnoBirthing totally improved my birth experience”

“Sandie is passionate about delivering healthy babies & is a joy to have around.

She went above & beyond ‘just a job’ & helped us out so much in those first few weeks of parenting. We will always remember her patience & kindness as well as her excellent midwifery skills. Personally, I am eternally grateful for her kindness & patience with breastfeeding in particular & I felt completely safe in her caring hands.”

Mel and Simon Ert

“I truly believe that HypnoBirthing gave me the power to give birth virtually pain-free.

Following a fairly traumatic first birth which resulted in a c-section, I opted (with consent from the medical authorities) for an intervention-free, VBAC, water birth. During the second stage of labour, I even called out, “I’m loving this!”

My husband was my birthing partner and he totally supported me through the experience and it brought us closer together in a way only intense human experience and oxytocin can!

Sandie was my post-partum midwife and she was supportive and understanding – very important in those early hormone-filled days!”

Farrah Heerah

“From when we both met Sandie we knew straight away we were in good hands..

My partner and I were really quite nervous about childbirth and being our first we weren’t quite sure what we were in for.
After meeting with Sandie for our first session we instantly became more confident and at ease about birth. Sandie made my partner feel so welcome and helped him to understand his new role and how he would help me out during my pregnancy and also labour.

We loved the information and knowledge shared with us as it gave us an insight into what was to come and it also gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other and what we both wanted from our hypnobirthing experience.

I absolutely loved the meditation sessions and so did my partner as I’m pretty sure he would fall asleep most of the time, Sandie’s calm and soothing voice makes it seem like your wandering off into a deep state of relaxation. She was able to help us connect with our baby on a more deeper state than ever before.

Without doubt if we had not experienced hypnobirthing I feel we would have been quite lost and very scared when it came time to have our baby.

Although the birth of our beautiful son ended up via caesarean I still used the techniques learnt to help calm my body and mind in what was such a scary experience. Knowing I could still utilise hypnobirthing helped me immensely throughout my labour, preparing for surgery and also recovery and having my partner by my side the whole time it was like he stepped in for me when it came to making tough decisions.

The best part of the whole experience apart from having our son was the first day of recovery, when I heard that familiar voice it was no other than Sandie. She was my midwife taking care of me the very next day and it was truly the best. She helped me get up and moving, showered me and helped me during those first few tough days of recovery. I truly believe without her I could not have had a more beautiful experience. She really is an angel and she is the most beautiful soul. I hope that if I ever have more children, that I get to choose Sandie to be my midwife once again.”

Miranda Harper

“This course has helped my husband and I so much in our preparation for the birth of our first child!

The knowledge and skills we’ve learnt have helped us plan for the type of birth we really want – gentle and calm. Each session has left us feeling more and more empowered and excited to start this new journey as parents. Sandie has been absolutely amazing- always so knowledgeable, positive and supportive. She is so passionate about positive birth and parenting and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease! If you want a course that brings you and your partner closer as well as helps you prepare for a calm, positive birth I cannot recommend Sandie and Essential HypnoBirthing enough!”


“Sandie is amazing!”

“If you have ANY fears or negative thoughts relating to labour, giving birth or even just becoming a parent then you will be thankful you met Sandie and let her become a part of your pregnancy journey!!

I like many women had a massive fear of giving birth!! Being a hairdresser and hearing lots of negative stories I wasn’t quite sure if I could or wanted to give birth. But after doing our hypnobirthing classes with Sandie that all changed.

Not only for me but my husband too and also in our relationship with each other and our baby!! It was very special and I would recommend anyone who has any fears or just want some more information relating to giving birth calmly and having control of your labour then you must get in contact with Sandie today and book your classes now!!

I cannot thank her enough and know that with 100% certainty that my experience wouldn’t have been the empowering one that it was without her support, knowledge and her classes.

Thank you Sandie.”


“My husband and I welcomed our first beautiful daughter into the world on the 11th of April 2017.

We both decided to do a hypnobirthing course with Sandie so we could prepare ourselves in every way possible for our birth! Sandie made us feel so comfortable in every session that it felt like we had known her for years.

Each session is jampacked with so much useful information that we even looked forward to doing our weekly homework .

We took away so many incredible things from this course not only in preparation for my labour but just for everyday life as well. We found ourselves becoming more relaxed and positive people. Hypnobirthing gave me the tools I needed to stay relaxed throughout my labour and even though it didn’t go exactly to ‘plan’ I was able to understand and accept that rather than get angry or upset, it’s just made me more excited for next time and going through that incredible journey all over again.

I believe doing a hypnobirthing course with Sandie is essential for any parents! It will bring you and your birthing companion even closer together and leave you both feeling like you could take on the world It’s so empowering, you won’t regret it!”


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